Air Cooled Chillers

Unique design philosophy for a sustainable green environment

With over 65 year of experience, Horos takes her responsibility to reduce the carbon emissions. With next-generation, low global warming potential (GWP) refrigerants and high-efficiency operation.

Due to the European ECOdesign directive and the search of maximum flexibility the new range of Air cooled chiller is designed for a lower environmental impact with next-generation refrigerants for high-efficiency operation and low global warming potential (GWP).
Air cooled chillers are available in cooling capacities from 15 – 1634 kW (5-460 RT)
Depending on the required application the Air cooled chillers are designed for residence, commercial, Hospitals, Data centres, Industrial, Petrochemical/Gas industry and Marine. Horos products are built with only premium European grade materials for maximum reliability.

Horos MiniAir luchtgekoelde waterkoelmachine voor binnenopstelling
Horos MiniAir luchtgekoelde waterkoelmachine voor buitenopstelling
Horos MediAIr luchtgekoelde waterkoelmachine voor buitenopstelling
Horos MediAir luchtgekoelde waterkoelmachine voor buitenopstelling
Horos MaxiAir luchtgekoelde waterkoelmachine voor buitenopstelling

Air Cooled Chillers


Scroll, Screw compressors with or without inverters or high end oil free centrifugal compressors in combination with microchannel condensors and EC fans the Aircooled chillers reach a high efficiency operation. The centrifugal compressors with no lubricating oil entrainment, high capacities and compact design, frequency controlled capacity regulation with a remarkable precision on the adjustment of the discharge temperature, slight inrush current and maximum efficiency achieves remarkable ESEER values.


The powerful microprocessors controls the performance of the chiller and is designed to maximise the efficiency and performance with maximum reliability

Acoustic peformance

The best acoustic performances has been achieved by innovation on fan blade technology and noiseless compressors design.

  • Sustainable components of European brands
  • High performance operation related to energy consumption
  • Low soundlevel
  • Environmental friendly refrigerants with low GWP
  • Advanced microprocessor controller
  • New generation screw and oilfree centrifugal compressors
  • V shape Microchannel condensers for maximum performance
  • Inverter pump with integrated hydraulic system
  • Shell and tube flooded evaporator or plate exchangers
  • Powder coated galvanised steel construction with stainless steel rivets
  • Very low refrigerant charge to limit environmental impact

  • Integrated hydraulic system
  • Modulating capacity steps
  • Oilfree centrifugal compressor
  • Low noise
  • Anti vibration dampers
  • On demand setpoint adjustment
  • Stainless steel application
  • Evaporator anti freeze heater
  • Anti corrosion coil treatment
  • Electronic expansion valve
  • Electronic starter and phase controller